Shake #2 – Apple, Avocado, Banana shake


#2 Apple, Avocado, Banana shake (365 days of guilt-free shakes series)

This is the second sugar-free shake in this guilt-free series. The funniest part while making this shake was that, after adding the apple to the blender, I noticed that I had carved an ‘alien looking doll’ out of the apple-core. I didn’t leave that alone. I started styling the alien doll with eyes and lips, then placed the avocado pit over its head and then remembered a tiny toy banana I received from a store and placed it over the pit – making it a perfect logo for this shake:) (You can see them in the video). Introduce this ‘alien- apple doll’ to your little dolls and let me know their sweet comments:)


Recipe in detail (Serves 2)
Apple – 1
Avocado – 1″( round-cut) slice
Banana – 1
1(serving) glass of cold milk

for the natural sweetener:
2 figs & 2 apricots soaked water -1 /3 cup
(see the FAQs(frequently asked questions) about soaking fig&apricot)
click this link->
and scroll down to see the 1st FAQ ‘About soaking dried figs & apricots’ under

Step 1) for the natural sweetener : Rinse and soak 2 figs and 2 apricots (for 2 servings) in 1/2 cup of water.
tip -> (soak overnight for morning shake or soak 7-8 hours(day) for evening shake)

Step 2) Wash and cut the apple into small pieces and add to the blender (Peel the skin if you wish)

Step 3) Scoop the avocado into the blender (discard the skin)

Step 4) Add the banana

Step 5) Pour the ‘fig-apricot soaked water’ (water only)

Step 6) Pulse 4-5 times and blend on high for a minute

Step 7) Pour the cold milk into the blender

Step 8) Final blend for 30 seconds

Step 9) Pour into serving glasses and serve…

shake #2- Apple banana avocado shake( 100% sugar-free shake)

About soaking the figs & apricots :
Soak the figs & apricots overnight for morning(breakfast) shake
Soak them 7-8 hours (day) for evening (post-workout)shake.
(Remember to wash them in warm water before soaking:)

How many to soak?
For 1 serving – soak 1 fig & 1 apricot in 1/4 cup of water( increase according
to the head counts)

What can I do with the soaked figs and apricots?
1) I usually eat it first thing in the morning along with dates,
five soaked almonds and a glass of water
2) make shakes (see shake #3, #4, #16, #17, #25, #26 )
3) slice and add them to cereals

For FAQs(Frequently asked questions about this sugar-free
shakes…click the link->
and on the opening page, scroll down to see a title ‘FAQs(Frequently asked
questions) about ‘sugar-free shakes’

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