Ramadhan Nombu Kanji / Ramadhan fasting porridge (Iftar recipes – South Indian special)

Ramadan nombu kanji / fasting porridge/ nombu kanji is a nutritious and comforting food served right after breaking fast (iftar) in some parts of south India like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are many versions of Ramadan Kanji differing from place to place with rice being the main ingredient and the additional ingredients ranging from veg, chicken, minced meat, meat stock, wheat, pulses, spices, fenugreek seeds, semolina, coconut milk and more 🙂 .

I am bringing you the unique version of porridge from my hometown . My mother usually makes 2 different kanji’s (Chukku Kanji /(means Dry-ginger porridge) and Masala Kanji/ (means Spice-mix porridge) on alternate days.

Chukku kanji and Masala Kanji Recipe links are below:

masala kanji recipe

masala kanji / spice-mix porridge / iftar recipe

Iftar recipes, iftar kanji, nombu kanji

Chukku kanji / Dryginger porridge/ nombu kanji







Usually we serve after the maghrib prayer/evening prayer (often with an accompaniment like fried snacks, stir fries, mashes and more)…I generally serve kanji with raw banana stir fries or mashes after maghrib prayer.

Here is the breakup of how kanji is served :
-just after breaking fast with dates, kanji and fried snack (eg: vada, bajji, banana fritters)
-in mosques – kanji is served after maghrib prayers
-at homes – just after breaking fast with dates/juice/snacks or sometimes after
maghrib/evening prayer

Occassionaly, try these healthy side dishes (served in my hometown) known as ‘vaalakachi odachuthu / kaya meen odachathu / kaya odachathu (means mashed raw banana/plantain)…this is traditionally mashed with fish fillet ‘ and kaya thoran (means plain raw banana stirfry/(also known as poriyal/vaalakaachi thoran/ ethakka thoran/ vaalaka thoran )

Side dish recipe links below :

kaya recipes, raw banana recipes

kerala kaya thoran, plantain/raw banana stirfry

Plantain banana recipes, kaya recipes, kerala kaya meen

kaya meen odachathu, plantain banana and fish mash







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