Nutella Pear shake


Nutella Pear Shake

This is for all Nutella lovers ! ..

Enjoy this chocolatey drink anytime of the day !! .. Get creative with your toppings ! like a scoop of icecream makes it creamiliciousss.. slurp slurp ;)..


Ingredients: (for 2 servings)

1 ripe brown pear (with skin, no pips)
2 tsp nutella
2 cups full fat milk
optional – chocolate or vanilla icecream to top with ;)..

Step 1) Into the blender, add 1 chopped pear

Step 2) Add 2 tsp nutella

Step 3) Pour the milk

Step 4) Blend for a minute..

Step 5) Pour into the glasses and ..
Taste tip : Add a scoop of chocolate icecream and slurrrrrp ;)..



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