How to navigate through my site:  

This page says about the entire c4cooking website content and will assist you in navigating through the site.

Let us start the site tour 🙂

*) Search Box: On the top right corner, there is a search box…type the name of ‘the recipe’ that you are looking for and it will show the relevant recipes in If no relevant recipes found, there will be a page saying ‘nothing found’ (sorry about that). If you are looking for a particular c4cooking recipe, just type the name or any word of that recipe in the search box, press enter and the relevant recipe will pop up…( hopefully 😀 )

*) Menu Bar: Now coming to the menu bar…currently there are 5 menu items as follows:

  1. What’s cooking?
  2. Recipes
  3. Feed-back
  4. Contact
  5. About

Details of these menus follow:

1) What’s cooking:  This section features the latest recipes. They are displayed in slide show with a short description about that recipe at the bottom of each slide. If you like to see any of the featured recipes, just click on that recipe (slide picture) and the recipe page will pop-up. (Click here to see what’s cooking now)

2) Recipes: The ‘Recipes’ page holds the entire recipes featured in with different categories.
Currently, there are 6 categories in ‘Recipes’ page named as ‘BABY FOOD RECIPES’,  ‘FRUIT SHAKES’, ‘HOMETOWN RECIPES’,  ‘INDIAN RECIPES’, ‘PASTA RECIPES’ , ‘BAKED GOODS’ (more categories will be added gradually). Check often for my ’Signature’ recipes, which means ‘these’ recipes are solely my own ideas and as I had mentioned in the ‘About page’, some of the recipes will be the first ever to be seen or eaten and some are sure to awe you!…so see to Believe 😯

The category ‘HOMETOWN RECIPES’ features all my traditional home-town recipes with some outstanding fish recipes that would snub any smelly/pungent fish into an incredibly tasty recipe:) and some amazing healthy oil-free pancakes/crepes…
explore here

If you like to see the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about any recipe, go to the particular recipe page and scroll down to the end of recipe description to see an blue line saying ’FAQs for (so&so) recipe’. Here is one example for you…If you like to know the FAQs about ‘Kofta Pasta’ recipe‘…then click the recipe page and scroll down to the end of description section and look for ‘FAQs-(Frequently asked questions) for Kofta Pasta’. If the FAQs don’t solve your question, then you are free to leave a comment in that recipe page 🙂

3) Feed-back: The ‘Feed-back’ page is the place where (my) friends and family members whom I fed, ‘feed-(me)-back’ with their inputs. If you are one of them, please feed at the comments section of this page-> (Feed-back)…with your name, when, where and what food…Thank you sooo muchhh 🙂

4) Contact: The ‘Contact’ page is the place where you can contact me for any of your queries, suggestions or ideas. The process is simple, go to ‘Contact‘ page and fill the form with your name, email, subject , your message and click ‘send’. I will get back to you as sooooon as possible 🙂

5) About: In ‘About’ page I have narrated the story of like how, when & what led to the making of…If you are curious to know about, then read this page 🙂

End of menu description.

*) Footer area: At the bottom of the site (i.e., the footer area) there are 4 sections. In detail below

  1. Latest Recipes: The mini slide-show displays the latest recipes uploaded in click the slides to view the recipes.
  2. Click here to learn ‘How to navigate thru my site’: Clicking here will land you to a page, which will guide you to navigate through and you are staring at that page right now 😯 … 😛
  3. Visit c4cooking on ‘Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Googleplus, RSS Feeds’: Clicking the icons will take you to the corresponding c4cooking social media pages…subscribe now! or you won’t be able to exit this page 🙄 😉
  4. Be the First to taste!!! : Yes, as the caption says, if you want to be the first person to grab the latest c4cooking recipes, then enter your email address and click ‘subscribe’ to get them delivered right into your inbox. (Now, to get them delivered without fail, you don’t have to pay me, just do this, once you enter your email address and click subscribe, go to your inbox and confirm by activating the link provided there…and then you are good to go 😎

End of Footer area description.

*)Social Media Icons: When you enter my site, you will see the floating ‘social media icons’ on the right-hand side of the website ( tailgating you, when you click or scroll any page 😈 ). Currently, has its presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and RSS feeds with the following id’s:

Google plus :
Twitter      :
RSS feed:

Please subscribe to ‘c4cooking’ social media accounts. Thank you:)

Hope I am clear here…If you still have any difficulties…or something doesn’t show up or something goes wrong…pls pls pls…write to me  on the contact page…I really appreciate it…Thanks a lot:)

End of site tour 😀

Well, you must be hungry now…feel free to head to my ‘c4cooking’ YouTube channel   and drool over the recipes 😀


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