How to Break Flesh Grate Coconut


Coconut Basics – HOW TO Break | Remove Flesh | Grate | Freeze COCONUT

Here is a clear step-by-step demonstration of how you can easily

  • GRATE/SHRED COCONUT without a coconut grater !
  • FREEZE & USE upto 1 YEAR !! 😀 ..

Watch the Video:




  • Quickly rinse the coconut under running water..
  • Hold the coconut on your left hand with the eyes of the coconut near the thumb
    and the pointed end of the coconut along the pinky finger.
  • Using a coconut breaker (or blunt side of cleaver or hammer or a strong pessle), crack/break the coconut along the hard lines of the coconut ( you will see 3 lines along the body ).

  • note : sometime you will crack open the coconut in 2 or 3 hits and sometimes it can take upto 4 or more hits don’t worry 😀 ..keep hitting until it cracks ..
  • As you crack, you will notice the coconut water starts to drip, immediately, collect the coconut water in a bowl by gently pulling and releasing the shells.
  • Now crack again to let the shells split open and there you gooo.. COCONUT CRACKS OPEN !! 😀
  • note: if this is your first time, please be careful while hitting them. Use a GLOVE to hold the coconut, so that you wouldn’t hit on your hands during any slips..


  • Hold the coconut on your left hand (with the flesh/meat facing you)
  • Using a small knife, starting from top left, cut the coconut in an angled position with the knife facing away from you. (Please check the video for a clear idea)
  • Do this in a circular motion for the entire coconut shell.
  • Collect the coconut pieces in a bowl..

STEP 3: GRATE the coconut using a PROCESSOR or BLENDER   

  • To grate using a processor, use the small grating blade while grating
  • Fill the top of processor feed with coconut pieces, turn on the switch and start grating ..
  • Once you have finished grating all the coconut pieces, remove the lid and you will notice small coconut bits on top of grater blade, take those pieces into a separate bowl. ( chop these into tiny pieces and add to the grated coconut or simply just eat them as I always do :D.. )
  • Remove the grated coconut into another bowl..
  • note: to grate using a blender, fill half of the blender with coconut pieces and pulse 10 – 12 times until grated..

STEP 4: FREEZE and USE upto 1 YEAR !! .. YES, 1 YEAR 😀..

  • I usually make 1/2 cup coconut pockets in cling wrap /plastic wrap and freeze. You can do the same or if you have tiny boxes, you can use them to freeze.. or with any other idea that comes to your mind ( Remember to share here too 😀 )
  • This is what I do, cut small pieces of cling wrap/plastic wrap and fill them with 1/2 cup of grated coconut and scoop the plastic ends upward and twist and seal like a round pocket.
  • Repeat with the rest of the coconut.. ( you will end up making 10 -12 tiny pockets )
  • Arrange these coconut pockets in your freezer compartment. Freeze and use upto 1 YEAR !! :D..

Hope the COCONUT BASICS session was helpful ..Please leave a feedback if you followed this method :).. THANK YOU 😀

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