Ghee Lachha paratha recipe (layer flatbread)


Lachha paratha
( ghee lachha paratha ) ( flaky layer wheat flatbread )

Healthy wheat lachha paratha as breakfast,lunch,dinner for 2+ toddlers & kids ..

Ingredients: ( for ghee lachha paratha )

1 cup – atta ( wheat flour )
1/4 tsp – salt
1 tsp – oil
ghee – as needed
water – as needed


Step 1) Get ready with all the ingredients

Step 2) Into a bowl, add the wheat flour,salt, water as needed and make a soft dough.

Step 3) Coat the dough with oil and make small dough balls

Step 4) Dust and roll one dough ball into a thin flatbread. Spread 1/2 tsp of ghee. Pleat from top to bottom ( it will look like a straight dough stick at the end ). Now roll from one end to other and tuck the last end in the centre. ( You can watch the video for this step )

Step 5) Dust and roll again into a thin flatbread.

Step 6) Cook the paratha:

  • Cook on hot tawa/skillet (on medium-heat) until the bottom side turns light brown (takes 30 – 40 seconds).
  • Then flip, spread little ghee on top and cook the other side for 20 seconds.
  • Flip again, spread some ghee.
  • Final flip, cook for 20 seconds and remove from heat..

Serve warmmm .. this ghee lachha paratha is very tasty and healthy as it is made with wheat (atta) flour !

my 2 year old loves this ghee lachha paratha :).. this is a great choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2+ toddlers & kids ! ..


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