Dosa Recipe ( South-Indian crepe )


Dosa Recipe ( How to make crispy dosa batter ) Perfect dosa recipe

‘ Perfect dosa batter for a crispy tasty dosa ‘ ..

( to make dosa batter )

1 cup – urad dal ( urid dal / black gram-skinless )
4 cups – rice ( preferably dosa rice / idli rice … or any raw rice )
1 tsp – fenugreek seeds ( methi seeds )
note: the ratio of dal & rice is 1 : 4 ( 1 cup dal , 4 cups rice )
( Use the same bowl/cup to measure )


Step 1
) Get ready with all the ingredients..
Step 2) Into a bowl, add the urad dal, rinse it and soak with enough water ..
( Example: Add 3 – 4 Cups of water to soak 1 Cup of urad dal )
Step 3) In another bowl, add the rice, fenugreek seeds, rinse it and soak with enough water.
important: Let the urad dal and rice soak for 6 hours or overnight ..

Now let’s grind the batter

Pour the soaked urad dal water into a bowl and you can use that for grinding the batter ..
Step 4) Into a blender, add the urad dal, pour water just until the dal looks immersed. Pulse & grind for 2 minutes..
Step 5) Pour the ground urad batter into a bowl ..
note: now pour the soaked rice water into a bowl and use that water for grinding the batter ..
Step 6) Into the blender, add some rice, pour water just until the rice looks immersed. Pulse & grind for 2 minutes..
Step 7) Pour the ground rice into the urad dal batter ..
Grind the remaining rice and pour into the same batter bowl ..
Step 8) Stir the batter for 20 seconds. Cover and leave it to ferment ( rise ) overnight or for 12 – 15 hours ..

About Fermenting time:
 1) In cold places, place the batter in the preheated oven overnight to help it
ferment quickly.

 2) It can take from 15 – 20 hours to ferment or rise in cold / wintery weather..

Once the batter is fermented, you can make dosa’s or refrigerate and use for 2 weeks ..

HOW TO MAKE DOSA ( using this dosa batter )

Step 1)
Take some dosa batter in a bowl. Add salt to taste and stir..
Step 2) Heat the dosa pan (or skillet) on medium-high heat until super-hot and grease throughly with little oil ..
Step 3) Add 1/2 cup of batter and gently swirl-out from centre to make a thin big dosa / crepe ..
Step 4) Drizzle some oil (sesame oil) or ghee on top and cook until the circles turn golden orange & edges crisp ..
Step 5) Once the edges are crisp and circles golden, flip and cook for 30 seconds and remove from pan..
Repeat making dosa’s with rest of the batter ..
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Serve with coconut chutney, sambar or tomato chutney and enjoy your crispy dosa’s 😀 ..
  • During winter or cold days, soak the dal & rice overnight and grind in the morning ( before 10 am ). If your house stays warm during winter/cold days with the heaters ON, then you can simply leave them in the kitchen countertop ( bench top) to ferment until next morning.
  • During freezing or stormy winter days, place the ground batter in the preheated oven to ferment overnight. ( To do this, Heat your oven on 200C / 400 F for just 1 minute and turn it OFF. Place the batter inside the oven and leave it to ferment until next morning with the oven lights ON ).
  • ( note: some old-fashioned ovens may not have the option to keep the lights ON, in such situations you may have to remove the batter and preheat the oven every 4 – 5 hours and place the batter back inside )
  • Alternatively, you can also place the ground batter near a hot cooking stove ( the heat can help if ferment easily ) but make sure the batter bowl is not too close to the hot stove as it can cook the batter !! ( haha, we don’t want cooked batter 😀

If you have more questions, feel free to ask below ..

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