Baby food recipes / starting solids for 6+ months babies


Baby food recipes / starting solids for 6+ months babies / homemade baby food recipes

Disclaimer: Before starting solids for babies please consult  your Pediatrician or General practitioner about when to start and what to feed/not to feed your baby.
Even your slightest doubt matters !

Welcome to all moms who are keen to start solids for your babies:) .This would be a new experience for you and your baby. I hope to guide you with some easy and useful recipes which I believe would be of great help. Please do not miss to read the tips on the respective pages as they are all based on my experience with my baby girl .

I am always keen to read your comments, so feel free to write to me:)

6+ months baby food recipes : (Stage 1 – easy to digest first foods)

7+ months baby food recipes : (Stage 2 – easy homemade foods)

8+ months baby food recipes : (Stage 3 – homemade baby foods)

9+ months baby food recipes : (Stage 3 – homemade baby foods)

10+ and 11+ months baby food recipes ( Stage 3 – homemade baby foods)

12+months baby food / toddler recipes / 1-2 years recipes ( Stage 4 – babyfoodrecipes)


Recommended products for baby food making

I would highly recommend buying a hand/stick blender for making onetime or bulk meals for babies ( and I would say this is a must have for every kitchen as it can be very handy for grinding soups, purees, instant drinks, curry pastes and more:)

You may also like these baby food freezer storage trays

The reviews for this baby food processor looks great. All positive !

You can also use a mini-pressure cooker to cook small amount of baby foods in less amount of time. It just takes 10-15 minutes to cook them to a super soft texture.
(Please read the instructions carefully before using). I have added some of the best pressure cookers in the market below. (These sizes are ideal for making small amount of baby foods. You can also get bigger sizes on the respective product links)

If you are using pressure cooker for the first time, here are some useful tips for you
1) Use according to the manual that comes with these cookers
2) Never fill above the mentioned mark
3) Always cook on low heat. (For some models with weight/whistler : Once the pressure rises, place the weight/whistler, reduce the heat to very low and cook for the desired time)
4) With some models, the weight/whistler can release steam on some point of cooking which can startle or annoy your babies and pets:)
5) Never try to open the lid soon after cooking. Let the pressure settle on its own (this can take from 20 -30 mts) and then open carefully.

Good luck with your pressure cooker:)


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