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c4cooking.com features recipes inspired by my ideas which are classified into Indian-fusion recipes, interesting variations of global recipes and a unique sugar-free shakes series for weight watchers. Most of my signature recipes will be the first ever to be seen or eaten and I am sure they are going to awe you 😯 …

My real-time cooking experience started in 2005 at home after my graduation where there was lot of experimenting, learning, figuring, fixing and of course some blooper moments 😛 . My parents were the victims of my initial experimenting. They encouraged, appreciated and corrected me through my learning phase. My initial experiment was with my home-town recipes where most of them require a lot of patience & dedication. I will introduce all my hometown recipes in the recipes page. (Below are some pictures of my hometown recipes to watch for)    

Otappam (holed up rice pancake cooked in clay-tawa)
chuppi appam (steamed mussels rice cake)
flavour-rich fish-fry masala
Paalaada (paper thin pancakes/crepes)
Tasty odourless fish curries
Palapathal - (Plantain banana fritters)

Through this learning phase, an interest in other regional recipes crept in me. I bought some cooking books, Indian and other continental recipe books and I really enjoyed exploring the techniques of new recipes and this interest increased my thirst for around the world recipes. By the time I got married and moved to Bangalore, I was able to impress my husband and in-laws with my culinary skills 😉 . Post-marriage, the phase of making tasty recipes began and it was a non-stop experimenting period. First with the traditional Indian recipes and gradually my own version started adding up, marking the beginning of my own fusion-cooking. This was when I started writing down my recipes and my first book was a thin 40 page leaflet.

In the mean time in 2008, we moved to the US and there my cooking was coupled with baking. I developed an instant bond with baking. Over time, I was glued to baking and a second book comprising new series of baking ideas emerged. (Watch the slide for some random baking pictures from US…baklava, salmon, pizza, cake, kabab ,baked kinnathappam)

Baklava (middle-eastern sweet)
Baked Salmon with Indian touch
Pizza (recipe from scratch)
Chocolate-walnut bundt cake
Baked lamb patties/kababs
Baked Kinnathappam, is my hometown dessert made with rice-coconut-egg. Usually it is steamed. I decided to bake it and it was a success without compromising on taste and texture:)

Writing down my own collection started as a hobby and when I started my third book, I realized I have something to share and that is when I started c4cooking.com. I registered this site on 29Feb2012. Does it ring a bell? It was a leap year.  However, it took more than a year to get my site up and running. Initially I thought it would be simple, but when I started writing the ‘To-do list’, I realized there was a lot of work to be done. I started playing around with the layout of the site, experimenting with my recipe ideas, taking pictures and uploading, organizing the pictures and videos, making videos and the list goes on. The overall experience was a blend of excitement and sometimes sort of a patience-test 😮 😳 😀

Amidst all these activities, we had relocated to Wellington, NZ in August 2012 and the beauty of Wellington sedated me which kind of slowed down my work but inspired me to write a new-list of ‘recipes to try’ ideas 💡 . Here is a glimpse of scenic wellington, my current kitchen and some ‘back in baking mode’ pictures

Wellington - waterfront on a fine evening
Wellington-city on a bright sunny day
Oriental bay - sunset time
Baked whole Tarahiki fish
Plum-Pistachio Bread
Baking my favourite dessert - baklava 🙂
Creamy, puffy Cheese Danish
Baked Fish roe !
Golden kiwi upside-down cake
take a bite 🙂
Pretzel ( with jalapeno and cheese topping 🙂
and my favourite kitchen in welly 🙂

Finally, the recipes started arriving at their much awaited beautiful home! Sweet home!-‘c4cooking.com’ 🙂 .You can find all my recipes in the ‘Recipes’ page. Also, if you are a weight watcher, this section is for you-‘Sugar-free Fruit shakes’ (click the link) or you can also find this in the ‘Recipes‘ page. It is an interesting recipe, which is 100% sugar free but equally sweet, incredibly tasty and healthy. As I say ‘sugar free’, you might assume it could be honey or some artificial sweeteners’:)…well, check this link to find out ‘the natural secret ingredient’ that can be easily made at home.

Update – 15 Feb 2016 : With the arrival of our little princess, I was inspired to prepare
homemade baby food recipes starting from 6 months and I have happily shared them at
at the recipes page under ‘Baby food recipes’ . These recipes are so easy to make and most importantly your little bundle of joy will love it 🙂

6+ months baby food recipes (stage1 babyfood)
7+ months baby food recipes (stage2 babyfood)
Tips and more helpful links about babyfood


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Hope this inspires you to cook your ideas and thank you for stopping by.

Happy cooking:)
Najla (Creator & Curator of c4cooking.com)


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  1. Hi There:

    We are visiting NZ. Just wanted to know are they any stores which provide baby food- like cereal, pouches, yoghurt etc.

    Kindly, let me know.

    Thank you

    • Hi Rachana,
      Yes, you can find all baby food related products at the stores here in New Zealand.

      These are some of the names of the stores:
      1) New World
      2) countdown
      3) PaknSave

      Look at the baby section and you will find them 🙂 .. Enjoy the trip 🙂

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