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The category ‘HOMETOWN RECIPES’ in the ‘Recipes page’ features all my traditional hometown (coconutty) recipes. The reason I called it ‘coconutty recipes’ is because almost 99% of the recipes revolves around coconut and that doesn’t happen without a reason…guess what would be the name of my hometown?…it is called ’Thengapattanam’ which means ‘coconut-city’ 😀 situated along the left coastal-line of the southern tip of India (along the Arabian sea) .

This place truly reflects the name as you will see coconut trees anywhere you go, turn right, left or upside down you will see coconut trees 😆 and here is a supporting scenario – we don’t have a backyard, but we have 1 coconut tree in our tightly-packed side yard (as in picture) 😀 and this pretty-much applies to 99% of the houses here. Let me take you to my hometown…the virtual-tour begins when you are ready! 🙂

Good morning !
1 coconut tree along our tightly packed sideyard 🙂
and that's the coconut-plucker climbing up the tree 🙂 ...watch your Head ! 🙂
Coconut trees along the beach, this is Thengapattanam beach 🙂
Fishermen fishing in the early hours of morning...
Karamadi chaala meen (fresh caught sardines 🙂 ...yes, they are rich in omega-3...any buyers here? 🙂
Fishermen at work! ...fishing boats...
Giant whale washed ashore!!!...no, it's not a whale...it's 'mussels' clinging on Core-locs 😉
Closeup look of mussels clinging onto the Core-loc !
Backwaters on a hazy morning...
This area is called 'Pozhi' meaning 'Sand bar' (this thin stretch of sand bar divides the sea(left) and backwaters(right)...) The sandbar disappears during monsoon and reappears in summer 🙂
head straight to the end of sandbar to see the meeting-point of sea(on left) and backwaters(on right)...

As it is along the coastal line blessed with fishhh and lots more…this category features some mouthwatering sea-food recipes AND some videos to show you ’how to cut, gut and clean a WHOLE fish, prawn, squid, mussels etc.’ isn’t that awesome!!! 🙂  (This will be uploaded in sometime). Also, some ‘unique (woo-woo! ha-ha!) oil-FREE pancakes/crepes’ of my hometown again ruled by coconut and backed by rice will be featured here. Would you like to see that…check this link often!

These are some of my hometown recipes that will be uploaded under the ‘Hometown recipes’ category in Recipes page 

'O-ttappam' ( holed-up clay-pot pancake ) with its best buddy 'mutton/lamb curry' 🙂
'Kinnathappam' - tastiest steamed rice cake !
Smack ! smack ! 'Parota' 🙂 flakey flatbread... (my sister is the chef here 🙂
'Mutton roast' (lamb roast) and 'poricha kozhi' (fried chicken) ready to be gulped 🙂 on Eid day(August 2013) at my sister's home in Auckland 🙂
'Maala manja ulli' (mullet fish curry) (maala - mullet fish, manja - turmeric, ulli - shallots 🙂
'Paalaada' (paper-thin pancakes made with rice+ coconut milk+egg...'Paalaada' means 'milk-skin' 🙂
'Poricha mean' means ' you are so mean'...haha...did u believe that! it actually means 'Fried Fish' 🙂
'Nei choru' - Ghee rice (clarified-butter rice)
Say Hi ! to the fish head 🙂 (picture from my home(hometown) grouper fish-head out of hot curry )
Pazham roast ( Plantain banana stuffed with riceflakes-coconut-cashew, batter dipped and deep fried !..ow 🙂
Oratti - rice flatbread (tastes best with lamb, chicken, seafood curries and our hometown greengram daal !


How was the recipes?? 😛  these are just a few, we got some heaps of mouthwatering recipes…Subscribe! to taste them 🙂 or head to my hometown to enjoy them freshhhh!…here is the map! see how you can get there 😀

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