8+ months baby food recipes


8+ months baby food recipes / Stage – 3 Baby food recipes

Hi moms, Welcome to STAGE 3 baby food recipes :)..

  • Around 8+ months, your baby may eat around 1/2 cup of food and often will be ready for 3 meals
  • The texture of stage-3 food can vary from thick purees, mashes and ( minced/grated for teething babies)
  • Some babies may have teeth at this stage. If your baby is one of them, you can offer small pieces of fruits, cooked veggies and soft breads. ( Please make sure they eat one small piece at a time and keep an eye throughout this munching-period)
  • If you are thinking of introducing finger foods for your little ones around this stage,
    1) offer only if they have teeth ( 2  or  2+)
    2) make sure the food is cut into tiny pieces and they look comfortable
    chewing it
    3) make sure they are seated or buckled while eating and not crawling or
    rolling especially with finger foods..
  • Occassionaly, offer your family meals also ( be watchful for any allergic ingredients. If you use spices, offer foods cooked with mild-spices )
  • Offer solids atleast 25 – 30 minutes after breast feeding or formula so that they will eat without any fuss and wouldn’t make their tummy full. I always give solids 40 – 45 minutes after breastfeeding as I noticed my sweetie-pie eats well and loves eating food:)
  • Remember to offer some water before and after meals.
  • Important note : Always watch for any new signs or symptoms when introducing new foods at all stages.

Breakfast options

1) Banana Oatmeal :

For 1 time meal:
1/4 cup Oats
1 Cup water
2″ banana piece (mashed)


2) Carrot Idli

Ingredients:  ( for 2 carrot idli’s)

1/2 cup – idli batter ( 1/4 cup per idli)
2 tbsp – gratted / finely chopped carrot


3) Multigrain Cereal for 7 & 8 months baby ( with 4 fruit flavours )



Lunch Recipes:

Watch 6 Lunch recipes for 8+months baby (Stage 3 – homemade baby food recipes)

Recipe #1 – Rice, Cauliflower , Swede
Recipe #2 – Rice, Ladyfinger, Carrot
Recipe #3 – Rice, Carrot, Squash
Recipe #4 – Rice, Broccoli, Moong daal/split yellow lentil
Recipe #5 – Rice, Yam, Cauliflower
Recipe #6 – Rice, Beetroot, Butternut squash



For 2+ teeth baby :
10 Fruit Finger bowls for 2+ teeth baby/ toddler / 1- 2 years



Baby cereal cookie: ( fingerfood for 2+ teeth baby)


Food chart for 8+ months baby


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  2. Hi mam, my son is 8 months old . I make him sit on my lap n give food. Wat is d cahir it baby is sitting in d pic. For how much time u let her sit on her own in dat chair . Is it important to have one for feeding.

    • Hi Bhavana, that is a ‘high chair’ used for feeding babies. It is very easy to feed compared to making them sit on our lap.. also you can encourage ( I use it only for feeding.. don’t leave them alone on highchair ) .. I would suggest you to buy one 🙂

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