10+ months and 11+ months baby food recipes


10+ and 11+ months baby food recipes ( stage 3 – homemade baby food recipes )

In this section, I have added breakfast recipes for babies with 2 or more teeth and pureed lunch recipes which most babies prefer at this stage :)..

You can read the tips related to stage-3 baby food’s at http://www.c4cooking.com/8-months-baby-food-recipes/

Important Tips:

  • Around 10+ and 11+ months, your baby may eat around 3/4 cup of food and often will be ready for 3 meals
  • The texture of stage-3 food can vary from thick purees, mashes and ( minced/grated for teething babies)
  • Offer solids atleast 25 – 30 minutes after breast feeding or formula so that they will eat without any fuss and wouldn’t make their tummy full. I always give solids 40 – 45 minutes after breastfeeding as I noticed my sweetie-pie eats well and loves eating food:)
  • Remember to offer some water before and after meals.
  • Occassionaly, offer your family meals also ( be watchful for any allergic ingredients. If you use spices, offer foods cooked with mild-spices )
  • Important note : Always watch for any new signs or symptoms when introducing new foods at all stages.

Breakfast recipes:

Date Oatmeal recipe :


9 – 12 months baby breakfast cereal recipe


10+ and 11+ months breakfast recipes for 2+ teeth baby


5 Lunch Recipes for 10+ months baby :


Easy Lunch / dinner – ‘ 1 POT CHICKEN VEG RICE ‘ ( for 11+months baby)


10 Mashed Meals for 9 – 12 months baby


Fish Stew for 11+months baby / toddler & family ( 1 stew for all 🙂..


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3 Fish/Chicken/Meat Meals for 9 – 12 months baby


5 Soup recipes for 9 – 12 months baby

Fingerfood snacks for teething baby:

Baby cereal cookie ( for 2+ teeth baby)


Food Chart ( for 10 – 12 months baby )


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