shake #1 – Strawberry, Banana, Avocado shake


#1 Strawberry, Avocado, Banana shake (365 days of guilt-free shakes series)

This is the first sugar-free shake I made for this guilt-free series. I remember happily writing down this shake after trying it and I never thought this is going to be the beginning of ‘365 days of guilt-free shakes’ series:)

Recipe in detail (Serves 2)
Strawberries 7-8 (big & medium)
Avocado – 1″( round-cut) slice
Banana – 1
1 (serving) glass of milk

for the natural sweetener:
2 figs & 2 apricots soaked water -1 /3 cup
(see the FAQs(frequently asked questions about soaking fig&apricot)
click this link->
and scroll down to see the 1st FAQ ‘About soaking dried figs & apricots’ under

Step 1) for the natural sweetener : Rinse and soak 2 figs and 2 apricots (for 2 servings) in 1/2 cup of water.
tip -> (soak overnight for morning shake or soak 7-8 hours(day) for evening shake)

Step 2) Wash the strawberries and cut off the hulls (green leafy head part) and add to the blender

Step 3) Cut 1 inch avocado (round-cut slice). Scoop the avocado and add to the blender (discard the skin)

Step 4) Add the banana and pour the ‘fig-apricot soaked water’ (water only)

Step 5) Pulse 3-4 times and blend on high for a minute

Step 6) Pour the cold milk and blend again for 30 seconds

Step 7) Pour into glasses and sip:)

Shake #1- Strawberry Avocado banana

About soaking figs & apricots 
Soak the figs & apricots overnight for morning(breakfast) shake
Soak them 7-8 hours (day) for evening (post-workout)shake.
(Remember to wash them in warm water before soaking:)

How many to soak?
For 1 serving – soak 1 fig & 1 apricot in 1/4 cup of water( increase according
to the head counts)

What can I do with the soaked figs and apricots?
1) I usually eat it first thing in the morning along with dates,
five soaked almonds and a glass of water
2) make shakes (see shake #3, #4, #16, #17, #25, #26 )
3) slice and add them to cereals

For FAQs(Frequently asked questions) about this sugar-free shakes…
click the link->
and on the opening page, scroll down to see a title ‘FAQs(Frequently asked
questions) about ‘sugar-free shakes’

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